Gul's childhood was filled with junk food, soda, and very little exercise. As an adult, these not-so-great behaviors lead to lethargy, constant napping, brain fog, and an overall unsatisfying life.

Eventually, Gul hit a tipping point and decided to take action in her life. She went on to pursue a more active lifestyle and began to put her focus on the gym and eating a more nutritious diet. Although she faced challenges with staying focused and on her path, she persevered and went on to not only achieve her goals but to also become a certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutritionist through the ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association).

Gul discovered what positive changes in eating and exercise habits can do and has become dedicated to passing that knowledge along with others.


Gul's philosophy in training, diet, and in life, is summed up in one word: balance.

Absolutes in diet and exercise quickly lead to fatigue and, often, abandoning your goals. A proper trainer and nutrition coach teaches not only how to diet and exercise, but how to incorporate positive behavior patterns in your daily life. A healthy relationship with food and exercise can lead to numerous lifelong benefits. According to Gul's philosophy, pizza has just as much right in your diet as does kale, albeit in different portions.

Your diet and training regime should be fueling your life, not the other way around.

Laura H.
Gul is a genuine person and has the passion to want to help others. She will push you to be your best. Help you in any way she can to be your best self. She has helped with workouts and meal preps that have worked for me. She is always there to help anything you are ready to get your healthy adventure started. Love that I can always rely on her to be there for me when I'm ready to workout and eat healthy. I've seen results through her plans. Soo ready to be summer ready and for my brothers wedding ready!
Jaymi R.
I trained with Gul for the first time a few months ago and it was a great experience! I've never been good at pushing myself to work out or eat better, and I truthfully didn't know a lot about it either or. Gul was patient with me, listened to my needs and struggles, and worked with me. When there was an exercise that I couldn't go, she took the time to find a new one best suited for me and never made me feel weak because of it. I was scared to train with someone who would yell at me or degrade me, but Gul made me feel confident, happy, and eager to work out. I was more than pleased with the results and will definitely be training with her again!
Ashley L.
Gul has helped me with meal prep & work outs many times. She has broken things down to help me understand what my body can handle and made me realize not to be so mentally hard on myself. She has helped me gain confidence in my postpartum body and also helped me during quarantine via phone. She is always there to help you and hold you accountable without feeling stupid. She understands how the "process" isn't easy but reminds you that you get what you put in so her motivation when I wanted to quit was definitely needed. I am so grateful she is my personal trainer and nutritionist. I will recommend her time and time again!!